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Communication, the exchange of thoughts, ideas, and feelings between two or more people, is the foundation of all healthy relationships; both professional and personal. People reach out to me when communication has broken down, whether it is with a partner, friend, child, boss, or co-worker, and they need some assistance in finding their emotional footing, putting words to their needs, and moving forward.


Communication breakdowns can also be a reflection of internal conflict. They occur when we can't unravel our feelings. When anxiety and depression have us in their grip and we can't seem to get out of our own way. After all, how can you possibly express yourself well when your self image is built on an unsteady base?

I am a solution focused therapist. My goal is to help you find the answer to the questions you are asking. Therapy is a joint effort.We will explore your gifts and challenges, as well as the stories you have about yourself and how they impact your life. We will look at your past and draw connections between it, your present, and your future. I work from a place of non-judgement and strive to break down the traditional hierarchy between client and therapist. No one knows more about you than you.

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Whether you are looking for someone to assist you through a particularly challenging time in your life, or someone who is able to support you as you explore and uncover long standing behavior patterns that are holding you back from the life that you want, I can help.

In our weekly hour together I will listen with curiosity and ask questions designed to help you find your own answers. Everything you need is inside of you. It is my job to help you access it.


When couples fight they are usually fighting to be heard, to be seen, and to feel connected to one another. Learning how to communicate when you disagree allows you to fight the problems that you encounter rather than fighting each other.

I will help you see below the surface noise of your arguments. You will learn to understand the feelings that lie below your conflicts and translate those feelings into a productive conversation.


Problems arise when we think we are explaining ourselves clearly, but the person on the receiving end of our message doesn't seem to understand what we are trying to convey, and as a result things go sideways when we expected them to move forward.

Communication coaching will help you to identify your current communication style; indirect, passive aggressive, or simply unclear, and together we will work to overcome old patterns and build a new and more useful way of disseminating and taking in information.


Sometimes a problem is just a problem. A sticking point. A hurdle we can't seem to overcome. And sometimes a problem is the symptom of something more. A red flag announcing the existence of feelings that need to be addressed.

Start at the beginning. Reach out to me and together we will determine whether coaching or therapy is the right fit for you



I received my MA in Counseling Psychotherapy from Antioch University, Los Angeles. While there I worked with a variety of underserved populations, including adults who had developmental disabilities and dually diagnosed adolescents.

While living in Angola for several years, I gained invaluable insight into the struggles of others, both emotional and physical. Upon returning to the United States I worked as a therapist and executive in the world of international adoption.

In addition to seeing clients for individual psychotherapy and coaching, I have developed programs and supervised psychotherapy students for the Marina Counseling Center, a non-profit low fee counseling center and training site, for the past fifteen years. When not at work I enjoy time with my wife, two teens, and three dogs.



I meet with all of my clients via Zoom, Face Time, or phone.

You choose.

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